Band | History

After 7 years Deean & Band are a team with smooth edges shaped through the experience of performing and touring.

Deeans first congress with Urs Nüssli (bass player) was during his education at the Academy Of Contemporary Music in Zurich, where he had to stand against Urs Nüsslis tough hand of instruction. After graduating Deean built his recording studio Blue Acoustics in Dübendorf ZH, where he started recording his first Album 'Elements'. Regardless the hard times Urs Nüssli was giving him during school he asked him for recording the bass tracks for 'Elements'. The collabroration proceeded that constructive that Urs Nüssli was joining Deeans Band as well. 'Elements' became the cornerstone of a slowly increasing career. Concerts were given in and around Switzerland followed by interviews, tv and radio airplay.
Deean met Edo Leonardi (singer, guitarist) at a private party and during studio work he discovered Claudio Cervino (guitarist). In 2007 Roman Roth, the former drummer left Deeans Band and Remo Borner who was studying at ACM as well joined Deeans Band.

Over 500 concerts, fifty of them with Remo Borner have melted the five to a observable compact formation.